Original | This is our most popular lumpia filled with ground beef & ground pork.  Served with a sweet chilli sauce!


One Order of Original


Chicken | Similar to our Original lumpia, we offer an alternative choice filled with ground chicken.  Served with a sweet chilli sauce!


Shrimp | For the seafood lover, this lumpia has our Original filling with a whole shrimp, tail on. Served with a sweet chilli sauce!


Half Order of Shrimp


Veggie | For the vegetarian, we have a lumpia stuffed with an array of vegetables: bean sprouts, green beans, carrots, cabbage.  Served with your choice of sweet chili or spicy vinegar sauce!

One Order of Veggie





All lumpia is hand made.

Deep fried in 100% Soy Bean oil.  NO MSG.  Food Allergy: Eggs

Lumpia wrapper made from: Wheat Flour | Coconut Oil | Salt | Water

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